"Everyday should be Thanksgiving Day"

I am thankful for…
Warm sunshine on my face
For a safe place to sleep
The comfort of God’s grace

I am thankful for…
All of my friends and family
For the food set on our table
Nature’s beauty surrounding me

I am thankful for…
Things like hope and love
The ability to learn and grow
Into a person I’m proud of

I am thankful for…
All animals that grace the earth
The pleasure of reading a book
The inspiring miracle of birth

I am thankful for…
A house in which to live
A steady income from my job
The security that it can give

I am thankful for…
Living in a country that is free
For the right to live my life
In a way that pleases me

I am thankful for so much more
Than I could possibly list here
That’s why I express my gratitude
Every single day of the year

Lisa Jo Ewert
Copyright© November 2004

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