Hear Our Voice

We as animals cannot speak
In the same language as you
So our voice may go unheard
By folks unwilling to let it through

For those of us living in the wild
Our lands disappear with change
Please don’t punish us for seeking
Out homes on a different range

We also ask that you try your best
To care for the land we call home
So we can remain safe from harm
In the only place we have to roam

On the other side of the spectrum
Many of us seek a home with you
To give our love unconditionally
Your companions loyal and true

We outnumber the safe places
Leaving many to live on the street
Dependent upon the compassionate
To give us shelter and food to eat

What we ask with a unified voice
Is to be shown kindness and respect
For you to take on the responsibility
That comes with your human intellect

Lisa Jo Ewert
Copyright© November 2003


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