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Miscellaneous Poems

These poems are written about various subjects. As you can see, this list is broken down into additional categories to help you select the subject you are most interested in.

You can pick and choose which poems to view from this list or simply enter the first one and continue through them all by hitting the "next" button in each page.


In The Aftermath (Of Hurricane Katrina)
Lost Youth
Essence of Life
What If?
False Reflections
Magic of Words
A Captured Moment
Would You?
You Never Know
Difference of Opinion
Who You Are
Talent So Rare
Behind the Mask
A Shared Gift
Parallel Roads
Chapters of Life
Legacy of the Dream Catcher
Out There
Clean Slate
Cards of Fate
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Children and Parents:

God's Treasure
Comforts of the Night
Miracle of Life
The Enchanted Place
Me and My Pals
Growing Pains
A Parent's Prayer

Bereavement, Comfort & Angels:

Message From Heaven
Missing You
Your Angel
Angel on Earth
Walk With Me
If Only
Here For You

Pets and Animals:
(Also Animal Companions)

Through Their Eyes
If We Could
Hear Our Voice
Paw Prints for cats :: for dogs :: for any pet
Where Does It End?
A Special Place
Pick Me

(Also see Friends)

Chance Encounter
Remember When

Special Occasions:
(Also see Holidays)

Living Your Dreams
Seasons of Change
Happy Birthday!
Wedding Anniversary
The Journey


Renewal of Life
Winter Wonderland
Four Seasons

Zodiac Signs:

Aries (March 21-April 20)
Cancer (June 22-July 22)

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