A friend to the end
What a beautiful philosophy
Without friendship in our lives
Where would we all be

The world would be filled
With loneliness and despair
We would have nobody to love
And nobody to care

Who would listen
When we needed someone to hear
Who would be there
When we needed somebody near?

Friends are there to provide us
With all of the above
They give us kindness, affection
Comfort and love

They are in our hearts
And on our minds everyday
Whether they live next door to us
Or live far away

With friends we share our feelings
Our dreams and our fears
We share the smiles, the laughter
The heartaches and tears

And though there are times when
Cross words may be spoken
The bond between true friends
Will still not be broken

With friends to support us
In our times of need
We can conquer the odds
And go on to succeed

We should thank God everyday
That friendship is alive
Because as long as it lives
We will survive.

There are no actions or words
That could ever express
How much friends mean to us
And our happiness

Never take friendship for granted
And always handle it with care
Treat your friends with respect
And they will always be there

Lisa Jo Ewert

CopyrightŠ February 1996

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