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Living Your Dreams

So many memories surface
Looking back through the years
Hard earned accomplishments
Flavored by the taste of tears

An important phase of life
That will be missed one day
Hard to believe right now
So ready to be on your way

Friends may be left behind
Many will take their place
Some will last for a lifetime
Others a mere name and face

Those who have influenced
The person you are today
Will always be remembered
Their wisdom inside to stay

The future is your destination
You decide what path to take
Where it leads is determined
By the choices that you make

Dreams destined for reality
Goals to be set and attained
Happy memories to be made
Standards to be maintained

More lessons to be learned
Each one a step ahead
To a future full of promise
Like books yet to be read

Lisa Jo Ewert
Congratulations Michael Jay
Copyright© March 2003

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