pictures of life
pictures of life
Ewert Family Photos
This page showcases photos of Michael and his family, pictures of us, our house, as well as a link to Pet Pages to see Lacey and Rambo. Please excuse the poor quality of the older pictures that had to be scanned! It is so nice to have a digital camera now.

(Just click on the link you wish to see and it will open into a new window.)

Pictures of Michael, Tonnia, and Destiny

4 Months (in front) The little ham... Yummm!
Senior picture (8/02) Senior picture (8/02) Senior picture (8/02)
Senior picture (8/02) Graduation (5/03) 19 years old
Family shot (9/06) Destiny (12/06) Valentines Day (2/07)
First Easter (4/07) Baby smiles (4/07)
Birthday party (6/07) Cute in jamas (8/07) Sweet face (9/07)
Who me? (12/07) Chrismas Eve (12/07) I can do it! (12/07)
Phone & Food (3/08) Getting Nana (3/08) Glasses on daddy (6/08)
One with nature (6/08) Destiny with her twins (6/08) 2 years old! (6/08)
All dressed up (7/08) Cheese! (8/08)

Pictures of us

Christmas party (98) Christmas party (99) Surprise birthday (6/02)
Night of graduation (5/03) Night of graduation (5/03) Visiting relatives (10/05)
At dad's place (11/05) Jer & I on the Harley (4/06) Papa, Destiny & I (6/06)
At a wedding (10/06) Destiny and Nana (4/07) One Year Old! (6/07)
Eating apples (7/07) Destiny and Papa (8/07) Feeding Lacey (12/07)
Destiny and Nana (5/08) 2 years old! (6/08) Papa kisses (7/08)

Our House, Garage, and Yard (2005)

House Front View House Front From Left House/Garage From Right
House/Garage From Left Garage Front Garage Front From Right
House Back View House Back From Left Firepit In Backyard
Backyard Backyard From Left Backyard From Right
Island Front View Island From Left Island From Right
Island Steps Bunny Bird Bath Fawn Ornament

Our Furry Family

Pictures of Lacey and Rambo Pictures of the cat condo we made

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