We adopted Lacey on October 28, 1996 when she was 8 weeks old. She is a sweetheart and can always be found in whatever part of the house her family is currently hanging out in. For example, she is sleeping on the floor in front of my feet under the computer desk as I type this! She faithfully sits on the back of our couch and watches through the picture window for me to come home from work each afternoon and as soon as she sees my car pull into the driveway, she races to the door and is waiting for me when I come in.

Rambo was also 8 weeks old when we adopted him on May 25, 2001. He is a sweetheart too but is also a tad more active than Lacey was even as a kitten...not that she did and does not find her share of trouble. He loves to fight/bite play with Lacey or cuddle with her when he is not annoying her. He is totally fascinated by water...the sound...the look...everything! He is especially fascinated by the sounds that come from the toilet! It is hilarious to see him burst into the bathroom as soon as he hears somebody in there.....then he has to watch them "go" (if they are male)...then watch the flushing action...and then after the lid is down, he has to try to see through the crack and attempt to stick his paws through it. :-) Now he also greets me at the door all squinty-eyed and stretching, but only because Lacey was running there first and woke him up from his afternoon nap.

Now when Rambo first came to live with us, Lacey was totally terrified of him. She refused to even be on the same floor as he was! I could not believe that a full grown cat would be scared of this tiny little furball! Things were a bit stressful for a while. Finally about two weeks after he came home, Jer called for me to come upstairs, and I saw that they were play fighting! It was so cool. As time went by, I could see Lacey learning more moves and getting adjusted to the whole concept of having a live playmate. Now, they chase each other around and play all the time. Although there are times when Rambo does not know when to quit and Lacey has to set him straight! LOL

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The first step towards a truce? It was! The truce has been signed! Quite the pair

Kittyback ride! An armful! This is the first time
they had gotten this close. Daily Cat News

Bird watching Peekaboo! Two peas in a...box?

We are NOT spoiled!! (2002) We are STILL not spoiled!! (2004) Aren't we cute? (2004)

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