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Pets are a very important part of many of our lives. They are true and loyal companions to millions of people. My family has two cats named Lacey and Rambo and they are not only tons of fun but give unconditional love. Visit "Lacey and Rambo's" pages to see their pictures and read their stories from their own point of view.

The links listed below will take you to sites that have information on animal health, behavior, animal welfare, etc.:

Health and Care:

Your Link for Healthy Pets
The Pet Center
Yahoo Pets
AVMA Care for Pets
Petcare Insurance

Finding a Vet:

VetPlace VetLocator
AAHV Vet Locator
MCS Veterination Locator

Finding Lost Pets:
Missing Pet Network (MPN)
Pets Missing In Action
Pet Club of America
Stolen Pets
Missing Pets

Finding Pet Names:

Bow Wow Meow
Pet Names World

Animal Welfare - You Can Make A Difference:

The Humane Society of the United States
No Voice Unheard
Every Nine Seconds (Adopt a shelter)
Pets 911
The Animal Spirit
Furr Angels
All For Animals
Hearts United For Animals

Animal Welfare - Local:

Hart of Wisconsin (Homeless Animal Rescue Team)

Pet Loss Grief Support:

Pet Loss
Association for Pet Loss & Bereavement (APLB)
In Memory of Pets


Enter below for more specific information relative to your feline or canine friends:

[Feline Links] [Canine Links]


For those of you who are interested in reading poems that I have written related to pets/animals, you can read them by entering the links below.

Through Their Eyes
Hear Our Voice
If We Could
Paw Prints (Rainbow Bridge)
Paw Prints (For Cats)
Paw Prints (For Dogs)
A Special Place
Where Does It End?




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