Where Does It End?

Cats are one of God's creations
One of many on this earth
That don’t deserve cruel treatment
Or the denial of their worth

The human race creates a problem
Then expects it to just go away
And if it grows out of control
Feel any “fix it” method is okay

It is sad to see what people
Are capable of becoming
When it is easier to simply kill
Than to do the responsible thing

Cat’s are not as much of a threat
To this world’s environment
As those who wish to harm them
With their guns and malcontent

Felines are companions to many
Natural predators of rodents and such
Killing them isn’t the solution
It’s just an ugly, inhumane crutch

You can view it from any side
And keep trying to justify
That giving license to kill is right
But in God’s eyes it’s still a lie

Lisa Jo Ewert
Copyright© April 2005

Fighting the “unprotected species” status for domestic feral cats!

This poem was written with a lot of emotion on my part as I am an animal lover and have great respect for the creatures God put on this earth. As you may have heard, a proposed law was recently introduced in Wisconsin attempting to classify domestic feral cats as an “unprotected species” which would basically allow a person with a small game license to kill any cat not wearing a collar. As this poem indicates, I strongly disagree with this proposal and feel extremely sad that it has even become an issue.

For more information on this topic, visit: Save the Cats!

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