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To read a poem that I wrote on this issue, visit below:

Where Does It End?
Save the Cats!

I have set this page up specifically to inform people of the recent attempt by some Wisconsin residents to pass a law classifying domestic feral cats as an “unprotected species” which would allow a person with a small game license to legally kill any cat not wearing a collar.

If this proposal passes, feral or free-roaming cats will be defined as “any domestic type cat which is not under the owner's direct control, or whose owner has not placed a collar on such cat showing it to be their property.”

This proposal was introduced by Mark Smith, a La Crosse, Wisconsin resident due to his belief that the cats are killing too many birds. In an interview published in the La Crosse Tribune recently, he said that he was not anti-feline but “If you open the door and kick your cat out at night you’ve changed its status.” This proposed law would not only be unsafe for cats and people, but as past experience has shown, would do nothing to protect wildlife or reduce the feral cat population. There are good programs available to confront this problem such as proactive sterilization for not only house cats, but stray and feral cats as well. Many Trap – Neuter – Return (TNR) programs have been an effective and humane method of reducing the feral cat population. Individual communities just have to be willing to put these programs in place and follow through on them. As an example, Minnesota has a law in place that allows people to kill cats and in the following article found on the Minnesota Public Radio site, Mike Fry, who heads the Minnesota organization Animal Ark, says “"We hear from farmers and property owners of all kinds that they have been trying fatal means to manage the population, and it simply doesn't work," says Fry. "Because even if a couple survive, you'll have a large number of cats in no time."

Unfortunately, there have already been several pets that have been shot since the proposal was made public. This type of thing would become a common event, if this proposal becomes law. On the other hand, it is fortunate that Wisconsin’s Governor Jim Doyle opposes the idea at this point. Let’s do what we can to keep people informed and force him to continue to stand by that view.

I have included links and contact information below that will allow you to not only learn more about this issue but also give you the ability to contact various government officials to voice your opinion on the subject. If you believe it is wrong for the government to legalize and promote the killing of animals that we should be protecting, please use these tools. The more people who are made aware and are willing to make their feelings known, the more chance we have of keeping this proposal from becoming a law.

Informative Sites:

Don't Shoot the Cat
Phone: (608) 209-5529

Alley Cat Allies

Stray Pet Advocacy (RE: the “Wisconsin Study” on birds)

Humane Animal Welfare Society

Keep Domestic Cats in Wisconsin From Being Fair Game:
Read and Sign the Petition

The Animal Spirit

Government Contacts:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Send your thoughts to Steve Oestreicher (Chairman of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress)

Wisconsin Natural Resources Board
101 S Webster St
PO Box 7921
Madison Wisconsin 53707-7921
Phone: 608-266-2621
Feedback Line: 608-266-0158

Secretary of the DNR
E-mail Scott Hassett at

Secretary of Commerce
E-mail Mary Burke at

Secretary of the Department of Tourism
Email Jim Halpernin at

Contact your State Legislators

Local Contacts:

Email Marge Peacock at
or at
Phone: (608) 272-3384
Cell Phone: (608) 797-3042

Coulee Region Humane Society

Wisconsin Animal Shelters

Sign Guestbook