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My family and I got hooked up to the Internet in July of 1998 and I have since met some wonderful friends from far away places. In the beginning, I used the name Solana online as you may have noticed in several places on my site. Sunshine is a nickname that I acquired when I was a child while attending bible camp. I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of "sunshines" online, so I picked the name Solana because it means sunshine in Spanish. In a way, I guess I can thank my counselors from camp and the other "sunshines" in the chat rooms for my new identity here! For a while, I spent a lot of time meeting new people in the chat rooms, but now I just keep in touch with a few that I have established close friendships with as well as those I meet through my site as time goes by.

Now that you know who I am here in the cyber world, I will tell you about who I am at home. My name is Lisa Ewert and I am 40 years old. I married my teenage sweetheart Jerry and we have one 24 year old son named Michael. On June 28, 2006, just one day before my birthday, we were blessed with a beautiful granddaughter named Destiny Violet (you can see me holding her below). Oh yeah....I can't forget the smallest members of my family...our cats Lacey and Rambo!

We live in Wisconsin near the Minnesota border. Yes, we are cheeseheads and Green Bay Packer fans! I know you are thinking it, so I am getting that out of the way. We live about two miles outside of a small town in a quiet, country setting. We finally found and purchased our dream home in April of 1997 after living in a mobile home in town for almost 11 years. We truly love it here and hope to stay forever.

I am an Associate Financial Representative contracted through Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and work for two Financial Rep's in a nearby office. The staff only consists of the three of us, so my job is very flexible. I do a little bit of everything, which I will not elaborate on at this point. I do not want to bore you to death before you check out my poems!

What do I like to do? Well, I love music and listen to it no matter where I am or what I am doing. I also love to read and typically go through about 70 books per year. I enjoy making various craft items such as counted cross stitch and paper cutting. I also occasionally do some free hand sketches. For a time I volunteered some of my time with the cats and kittens up for adoption at one of the local veterinary clinics. It gave them a chance to get out of a confined space for a time and helped socialize them as well. Unfortunately, it became very difficult for me to continue on an emotional level. As you will see throughout my site, I am an animal lover and it is hard for me to see any animal feeling pain, fear or loneliness. And now that Destiny Violet is a part of our lives, I spend a good part of my time taking photos, editing and ordering them, and creating photo books at shutterfly.com.

We moved a lot when I was a child, so I attended approximately twelve different schools. That fact allowed me to meet many people and is probably why it usually seems very easy for me to talk to people that I don't know. My parents, three brothers and one sister along with their families all live in towns close by, which is nice.

As you already know, I also write poetry when the mood strikes me and I feel a need to express myself. I have had several of my poems published but I have not actively pursued that aspect, although I do get them officially copyrighted through the Library of Congress.

Well, I guess that is enough for now. If you would like to know something in particular, please feel free to email me at poetry@wordsfromthesoul.com and I will respond as soon as I can.

To see more photos of my family, visit my photos page "here".

Me holding my granddaughter June 2006

Destiny Violet 2008

Me and the babies January 2004

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