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I created this section within my Words From The Soul site so that I would have a place to share miscellaneous topics of interest to me as wells as the work of some awesome poets.

This page is a door through which you can enter to view information on the various subjects listed below. It may be poems that are written by a friend; music groups and lyrics; good books to read; or simply something that I thought was meaningful enough to share with others.

So many possibilities....


[You can pick and choose which pages to view from this list or simply enter the first one and continue through them all by hitting the "next" button in each page.]

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The Wonder of Books

God Bless America:
September 11th Tribute


Soaring Spirit:
Heart to Paper

Terri McPherson:
Hidden Heartbeats
Safe With You
Painting My Day

David M. Bailey:

Marian Jones:
Always With You

Poems by Kiwi


Price of Freedom - Memorial Statue




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