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Jessica (aka Kiwi) is a good friend of mine from Kentucky. This page is a tribute to her and her poems. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Please let her know what you think of them by writing to her. Send her your thoughts with the email button at the bottom of the page.

This first poem is one that Kiwi wrote for me...it spells Solana down the left side. The following poem was written for my son Michael.

Sunshine, in human form
Optimistic and bright
Laughter surrounds you like a ray of light
A mother, a wife, a friend
No one can compare
An answered prayer -- Solana

Many kids are so much less
In my mind you're the best
Computer friend -- yet very real
Hard to say all I feel
An angel name -- very true
Ewert name graces you
Love and kisses -- Michael

She wrote the following poems either for school or simply for herself. I thought they were great and wanted to share them with you.


Like concentric circles
We grow
Ever outward
Ever expanding
Like concentric circles
Our center
Remains unchanged



She wants spontaneity with security
Love without cost
Time without limits
Gain but no loss.

She desires freedom
Bound in a cage
A world full of tenderness
And expressions of rage.

She yearns for action
And the peace of night
Takes comfort in darkness
But revels in light.

As innocent as a dove
But sly as a fox
Will she find what she wants
This living paradox?



The sun shines bright
A bird flies by
Clouds drift along
A young woman sighs.

The beauty that is
The beauty that was
Is a pale imitation
Of undying love.

She looks at her face
Wrinkled and dry
And remembers the day
That the bird flew by.

Her mirror drops with a shatter
As she issues a scream
The beauty that was
Was only a dream.



The future calls in soft whispers
Gently nudging us along
Yet some are so fixated
They forget the beauty of a song.

Music is a human trait
Housed soley within the heart
It has been inside of us
From creation's start.

The animal does not sing
Because it cannot see
The beauty surrounding it
And the beauty that could be.

On life's pathway
That leads to the Throne
Travel as you are called
But take with you a song


The Moon

She's seen the rise and fall of great nations
The life and death of great men.
She's gazed upon a continuum of actions
Martyrdom to vilest of sins.

For centuries she's remained constant
While the wise reflect in her light.
Retrospection comes natural
But comtemplation comes best at night.

She's held many wise men in her embrace
Watched the stars reflect in their eyes.
When the earth brings forth burdens
Humanity looks to the skies.

What they seek in her face is uncertain
She asks not for worship or prayer.
But when life's toils seem pressing
Solace is found in her stare


Creation vs. Evolution

"What's the purpose of life?" said the man to the younger.
"To satisfy needs---aggression, sex, and hunger."

"No" said the young man; wise beyond his years.
"The thought of Deity should be the beginning of our fears."

The old man with his education said that he believed
The young man was new to this--innocent and naive.

The young man closed his text; to the professor's chagrin
Stood before the teacher and sang to God a hymn.

He sang of faith, he sang of hope, he sang of love and peace.
Quietly resuming his place waited for the old man to speak.

The old man produced a well worn text of Animal Evolution.
He said to any question it offered a solution.

He carefully explained diagrams, figures, and charts.
"Back billions of years life is traced to the start.

Laughed the professor "I have proof, solid and sound."
On simple trusting faith Science must frown!"

The young man, unfazed by the old man's degrees
Unabashedly got down upon his knees.

He prayed a prayer for guidance and protection
Then turned to meet the old man's perplexed expression.

Said the elder "How can you call yourself a young scientist
And ignorantly engage in behavior such as this?"

"Because I have hope in this life and the next."
Answered the young man and placed a book upon the text.

"You know what Book this is and I'm leaving it with you
Wear out its pages before you label me a fool.


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