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Feline Friends

The following links have information specifically for cats:

Cat Care and Health

Proper Cat & Kitten Care
Pampered Cats: Health and Behavior
Spay-Neuter Programs Listed by State
Cats & The Declawing Issue
Declawing and Its Alternative
Feline Vet Medical Information
American Association of Feline Practioners
Purina Health Checklist
Kidney Disease in Cats
Cat Behavior Handouts
Problem Behaviors in Cats

New Kitten or Cat

Introducing New Kitten to Family
Introducing New Pets to Resident Pets
Kitten Care
Health and Vaccination Schedule
Kitten Rescue - Kitten Care Handbook

Litter Training

Solving Litter-Box Problems
House Training/House Soiling Problems
Litter Box Training FAQs
Litterpan or Elimination Behavior Problems
How to Clean Soiled Areas

Finding Cat Names

Favorite Names for Cats
Pet Names World
Celtic Cat Names
Aristocratic Cat Names
2000 Cat Names
16,927 Cat Names
Funny Cat Names


I Love links)
Cat Stuff Library(humorous)
Cats: From The Jungle To Our Homes
Wild About Cats
Jazz Purr

If your community has a feral cat problem and you are looking for ways to promote nonlethal solutions, please check out these web sites:

Alley Cat Allies
PurrfectPals (perfect example)
Forgotten Felines

To learn more about the proposed law in Wisconsin allowing cats to be killed, visit the page I have set up below:

Save the Cats!

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