Through Their Eyes

My sister and I found ourselves
At the mercy of a stranger today
We were both hungry and scared
In need of a safe place to stay

We were taken from a home
Where we did not get the care
To keep us safe from harm
We weren’t really wanted there

We are just two young kittens
Too small to live all alone
We have so much yet to learn
Before we are fully grown

Today we found a protector
Who gave us the love we crave
She held us close in her arms
A piece of her heart she gave

She fed us when we were hungry
She chased away our fears
She sheltered us from the cold
Our pain became her tears

We saw the love in her eyes
We could feel it in her touch
It was easy to love her back
Because she cared so much

We hope to always have
What we found here today
We wish the same for others
In search of a place to stay

Lisa Jo Ewert
Dedicated to Katie and Abby
(see them below)
Copyright© August 2003

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Abby and Katie in 2003

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