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My name is Lacey and I was adopted by my human family when I was very small. You can see how tiny I was in the first picture below. My siblings and I had been dropped off at the Humane Society when we were only about 3 weeks old. When I first came home with Jerry (aka dad), Lisa (aka mom) and Michael, I had a nasty cold and they treated me like a little baby…cuddling me all night long…feeding me. I loved it!! Except when they forced that yucky medicine down my throat. I did not like that much!

When I was 7 months old, we moved to a different house. At first I was scared because everything was so different but once I got used to it, it was great! There are so many places to hide and a huge picture window behind the couch where I can lay and watch the birds. I can also watch for mom to come home from work. When I see the car, I run to the door and wait for her to come in. I am so excited to see her and I just know she is going to give me some of that great smelling tuna soft food too! Yum!!! On the days when mom doesn’t work, I try to guilt her into giving me the food earlier by following her around the house and just looking at her with pleading eyes (sometimes meowing just a bit), but most of the time it does not work.

I love to hang out with my family and follow them everywhere. I try to climb into their lap whenever I can or just watch them when they are working on something. Sometimes I even pitch in and help. Especially if there are paper clips or anything small like that involved because I love those! I like to sleep in a lot of neat positions and sometimes I will even lay upside down and look at them when I am awake to get attention. My family thinks I am so cute when I do that. :-)

I get kind of nervous when other humans outside my family come to visit. I am not always sure if they are going to hurt me or not, so I just watch them for a while before I get too close. Sometimes they come at me right away and that is a sure sign that they are going to do me harm so I tend to avoid those humans until they quit paying attention to me. Then I will sneak up on them and check them out.

Life was pretty good and things were usually calm at our house until a little over a year ago. I will always remember the day that the new kitten arrived. My family named him Rambo and he was a little terror! Well at least that is what I thought at the time. I was so scared of him. He never stayed still and he smelled funny. I stayed as far away from him as I could but he kept sneaking up on me anyway. The first time he snuck behind the curtain near my water dish and peaked at me, I nearly jumped two feet straight in the air! He would slowly sneak up to me everywhere I went until he saw me look at him and then the little fart had the gall to act like he was not even paying attention to me. It fooled me at first, but I learned. Then after he had been with us for a few days, he actually started chasing me around until my family would stop him. Finally after keeping a close eye on him for a couple of weeks, I decided that he could not hurt me after all and maybe he would be fun to play with. I mean he was smaller than my family and we could wrestle around for real. I tried it and it was fun! I have some pretty fancy moves now and can take him down when I want too. Sometimes after I get tired though he keeps trying to play. He is young you know and does not always take the hint, so I usually have to hiss at him to make him understand that I am done playing for the moment. Of course, I also have the "safe box" to rely on. My mom has this nice wooden box with some pretty painting on the front that I can jump on when Rambo is chasing me. Once I am there, he leaves me alone.

My family thinks that I have strange tastes when it comes to food. I do not like milk or cheese like most other cats. But I love to eat any kind of crackers, different kinds of chips, yogurt and sweet things. Oh yeah, I REALLY love green olives! I am not sure why, but the minute my family opens a jar...I am there! When I was little, I even liked fruit. They only give me tiny, tiny pieces though because I am suppose to only have food made for cats.

Over the years, I have learned subtle ways to let my family know what I want. Like when our water or food bowl is empty, if I just sit by it and quietly stare at them, they will eventually get the hint that I want them filled. I have even been known to sit in my water dish in the corner and quietly wait for somebody to notice. Of course, I love to be inside things anyway. I love boxes, paper bags, clothes baskets, scrub buckets, and anything that allows a cat like me crawl into it. Sometimes I don't fit very well, but who cares if part of me is hanging out, right??

All in all, I am a very content cat. I live in a nice home with a family who loves me. I even like having Rambo living with us now. Life is good. :-)

~More to come as time goes by...~

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Lacey's first day with us Safe in daddy's arms! Mom's computer assistant

The computer foreman I love to cuddle I love to be IN things!

New form of art Holding down moms rugs while she scrub floors! This is the life!

Feline laundry One of my favorite positions Supervising dad while he paints

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