This page displays small poems that I have written and didn't want to make a whole page up for. I figured I would lump them together on one. :-)
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Family without blood ties
Remember them always
Innocent love
Enjoy their company
No lies between you
Do your best to be there
Sharing yourself

Lisa Jo Ewert
Dedicated to Patrick
Copyrightę December 1998



Keep hope alive
Don't give up
He will survive
Embrace God's love
If hope fails to
Keep him here
You did your best
So do not fear
God will take him
Into his care
He will be happy
And safer there

Lisa Jo Ewert
Dedicated to Patrick
and his friend
Copyrightę December 1998


I wrote the following verse which has been incorporated into two beautiful greeting cards. Visit the links below to view them or send them to a loved one.

"Hold the precious memories of yesterday within your hearts; take pleasure in today in order to create new ones; and as each day unfolds, anticipate the promise of tomorrow."

Lisa Jo Ewert
Copyrightę October 2001

"Winter Memories"

"Precious Memories"


I wrote the following verse which has been used for a Thanksgiving greeting. Visit the link below to view or send to a loved one.

Our friendship came to mind today
As I count the ways that I am blessed
Thank you for sharing your life with me
I truly consider you one of the "best"

Lisa Jo Ewert
Copyrightę November 2001

"Thanksgiving Hugs"

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