A Captured Moment

One single moment in time
Is captured for all to see
A piece of art is created
By something inside of me

With a camera in my hands
And nature before my eyes
I let my heart be the guide
Until the effect is realized

A rustic, time worn windmill
Young wolf pups at play
A majestic soaring eagle
A sunset to end the day

Quiet dignity of a lone wolf
Fragile beauty of a butterfly
Cuddly innocence of kittens
Silhouette of trees in the sky

A buck alert to all danger
Mare and colt running free
Sinewy strength of a cougar
A black bear climbing a tree

Endless moments await
So many gifts to behold
Each transferred to paper
With a story to be told

Lisa Jo Ewert

Written for Karen K. King
Copyright© October 2002

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