Lost Youth

She watches the world pass by
With a wisdom beyond her years
As she huddles under an overpass
And her sad eyes fill up with tears

If only she could turn back time
And relive that one fateful day
That she thought her life at home
Was so bad she could not stay

As she reflects upon the events
That created the here and now
She realizes that she was wrong
For not working it out somehow

If only she would have known
How hard life alone could be
She would have taken the time
To make both her parents see

It was not easier to run away
To have no warm place to live
Good food did not come often
As she had no funds to give

There was no work to be found
For a teenager much too young
Dressed in dirty rags and shame
For the things that she had done

If she could give advice to those
Standing at the crossroads today
It would be to find a better choice
Than the fate of a lost run away

Lisa Jo Ewert
Copyright© August 2002

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