A Shared Gift

A beautiful voice as pure
As the crisp air is at dawn
A joy for all to listen to
As each note lingers on

A gift that was bestowed
With a bigger plan in mind
A talent to be nurtured and
Shared with all mankind

Touching the lives of others
With music from his soul
Bringing a sense of peace
To make them feel whole

God gave a heart of gold
In addition to that voice
Helping hand always there
When allowed a choice

Promising future is seen
As we all unwrap this gift
Listening with our hearts
And feeling our spirits lift

Lisa Jo Ewert
Thank you Clay Aiken
Copyrightę June 2003

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Copyrightę Words From The Soul by Lisa Jo Ewert.

Illustration by Laurie McAdam. Copyrightę 2003
Visit her at www.lauriemcadam.com

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