Comforts of the Night

The day is coming to an end
Time for all little ones to rest
Tucked securely in their beds
By those that they love best

Smelling clean and baby fresh
Cheeks flushed and heat kissed
From playing in a bubble bath
Warm hugs impossible to resist

Fuzzy teddy bears and tiny dolls
Held tight under each chubby arm
Secure in mom and dad's ability
To keep them safe from harm

Listening to a bed time story
As they wander off to dream
Of fairy tales and puppy dogs
Tart lemonade and ice cream

They do not feel the gentle kiss
That is placed upon their cheek
By one that loves them more
With each passing day and week

Nothing in the world can compare
To gazing upon the precious face
Of your child sleeping peacefully
A symbol of innocence and grace

Lisa Jo Ewert
Copyright© June 2002

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