Legacy of The Dream Catcher

Surrounded by a peaceful sense of hope and mystery
A Native American heritage passed down to you and me

The legends say that only the good dreams pass through
The bad dreams will burn off along with the morning dew

Protection through the dark night when we may be weak
When a time of peace and rest is the only thing we seek

Enhancing creative thoughts and ideas through the day
Allowing us to connect with the world in a positive way

Each uniquely completed with sincere pride and care
Color and texture combined with true artistic flair

An intricate web designed to entrap our negative dreams
Enclosed in various shapes made with a variety of things

A magical entrance that only significant dreams can find
Important messages flow through and continue to the mind

They follow the path created by the feathers that hang beneath
Beads and other symbols add their own meaning and energy

Each is a token of good luck for yourself and loved ones too
They inspire us to focus on following our dreams through

A sacred gift of "medicine" to lend us strength and power
Each one honors the space of dream time during any hour

Let it bring you and yours a healing of body, mind and soul
A simple philosophy that may make your life more whole

Lisa Jo Ewert

Copyright© August 2000

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