Missing You

Don’t know if you can hear me
But I’m going to talk anyway
It’s been so hard since you left
I have so much I need to say

I am sorry for not telling you
All the things I held in my heart
I thought my hope could save you
And we would not have to part

I know now that was a mistake
It made things harder in the end
I was just so afraid of losing you
My heart refused to comprehend

I miss the sound of your voice
All the talks we used to share
The times you made me laugh
The moments you were there

I am trying hard to move on
But it is taking so very long
For this pain I feel to go away
Though I’m trying to be strong

Maybe if you gave me a sign
That you still come visit me
And are happy where you are
I could set this sadness free

So starting from this day on
I plan to look more carefully
For signs of your loving touch
In each beautiful thing I see

Lisa Jo Ewert
Dedicated to Sandra L. Naveda
And to my Aunt Donna
Copyright© June 2003

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