In The Aftermath
"Dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina"

Though we may not have been directly hit
By the devastation of Katrina’s fury
Many of us still feel the terrible impact
Our hearts are bleeding for all to see

We have cried at the sight of the terror
Watched the confusion and the pain
Of the victims left in a chaotic world
Grief for those lost in the wind and rain

A sense of overwhelming sadness
A burden for the entire world to share
Along with our helplessness as individuals
Who feel the need to show we care

Disbelief at the looting and violence
By people with a character so evil
That they would prey on the innocent
During a time of such upheaval

Anger at the portrayal of the media
And groups seeking political gain
Using catastrophe for selfish means
At the expense of other people’s pain

This natural disaster was unavoidable
The blame game should not be an issue
Relief efforts of this size are difficult enough
Without fingers pointing at me or at you

We have witnessed with awe and gratitude
The courage of communities so willing
To share their money, homes and strength
With those who need an angel’s wing

As the trying days to come unfold
Our hearts should focus on the need
Of the people who have lost so much
Plant hope using prayer as the seed

Lisa Jo Ewert

Copyright© September 2005

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~Personal Note~

I want to express my heartfelt sympathy to all of those who have been directly or indirectly affected by Hurricane Katrina. Nature can certainly be cruel at times and the devastation and loss to the people as well as the animals that has resulted from this hurricane has brought me to tears many times since it occurred. I have felt a spectrum of emotions ranging from sadness to disbelief to anger.

I personally feel that the accusations that have been made relative to the "slow response" are not fair to anyone and not constructive at this point either. There are steps that are followed after any natural disaster and it starts with the local government and moves up through several groups prior to reaching the federal level. I don't believe anybody expected the levis to break and ultimately the excessive flooding that resulted some time after the storm was over. In addition, a relief effort of this magnitude cannot be expected to happen at the snap of the was and is too big. It takes time to get supplies, people and equipment together. It takes time to get them to the site of the disaster. Then trying to reach and rescue people by boat adds another layer of difficulty and time. The planning it takes to relocate thousands of stranded victims under sometimes hostile conditions is a hurtle in itself. I am sure that if I was personally going through this crisis, I would be angry, scared and possibly not thinking or reacting in a rational manner myself. That is why I feel it is so important for us, as spectators, to maintain a more realistic perspective of the circumstances and not let the national and international media color our thoughts with so much negativity. This nation needs to work together...especially during times like this.

In the community where I live in rural Wisconsin, the only thing that I have heard on local news and radios is a constant effort to raise the money and supplies needed for all of those who have lost so much. That response is genuine and there were no qualifications made for how much money a victim may have had or what color they were. Just the act of people simply wanting to help other people. I am in awe at the large amount of money raised by a relatively small community and hearing stories of the children emptying their piggy banks in order to help those in need. I know that there are so many heroes out there right now putting themselves at risk while doing their best to save others. These are the positive actions that we should focus on.

I hope to see that outpouring of love and support continue as we all pray for a brighter tomorrow.

Sincerely....Lisa Ewert

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