Talent So Rare

A shining light among us
Sharing a talent so rare
A special young lady who
Composes songs with care

Beautiful music comes to life
Inspired by a creative soul
As her fingers caress the keys
Each piano note made whole

Every piece a reflection of
Emotions, people or places
A tale told by musical notes
Brings a smile to our faces

A part of her tender heart
Is in every song she plays
Listening to her inner beauty
Helps us through our days

Thank you so much Yuko
For sharing who you are
For letting us be a part
Of watching a rising star

Lisa Jo Ewert
Written for Yuko Ohigashi
Copyright© October 2002

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You are listening to "Reflection"
Visit Yuko Ohigashi Plays Solo Piano
Composed, Arranged, Performed and © By Yuko Ohigashi

"I think of music even when I am at school. Once, I told my mom that if she could make a diagram of my brain, she would find that half of it is music, one fourth is study, and one fourth is play (smile). Sometimes during school lessons, I absentmindedly write music scores on my notebook or school books, like I did with this song (oops)."
Written by Yuko Ohigashi

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