One heart came and then another
A joyous time celebrated by us all
For the new mother in our midst
And the infant so sweet and small

The first won our hearts so easily
With the honesty that she had shown
A very strong yet gentle person
Despite the trials she has known

She carried her little one within
For many months with love and care
We all experienced the ups and downs
Memories that we will always share

She brought new life into this world
Allowing courage to overcome her fear
And has shown what a loving mother is
With a devotion that is crystal clear

As far as the little one is concerned
Love for her comes unconditionally
For she is a part of those we loved
Before her essence ever came to be

Two special hearts intertwined with ours
We plan to hold onto each of them gently
For we are richer now than we were before
These two became a part of our family

Lisa Jo Ewert
Written for Tonnia and Destiny
Copyright© July 2006

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