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Angel In Disguise

I know an angel in disguise
She was sent by God above
Along with a very special pen
Filled with good will and love

She learned her lessons well
Always uses her pen with care
Her words flow from a heart
Designed to create and share

Poems that tell of the beauty
We find if we open our eyes
From the tiniest of creatures
To the splendor of each sunrise

Poems of peace and comfort
Given to those in need of care
Mending tired, broken hearts
And soothing souls in despair

Poems with a sense of humor
To put a smile on our face
When our spirits need a lift
A bit of laughter has its place

You may not see her wings
Nor the halo above her head
But the beauty of her words
Reveals the disguise instead

Lisa Jo Ewert
Written for Francine Pucillo
Copyright© April 2003