A Time Long Past      Sir Joopy

This poem was written for my awesome friend in New Zealand. May he always be around to make me laugh.

A very appropriate title
For my honest and noble friend
A name we dreamed up together
And use often in cyber land

I was feeling down and needed a "lift"
The first time that we met
Your vitality and outgoing nature
Was what I needed to make me forget

You made a positive impression that night
And I am glad that you returned
That sense of closeness has grown since then
Because of all we've learned

When in the chat rooms, you seem to include
Everyone in such a natural way
Your genuine friendliness comes across
And encourages them all to stay

I so enjoy our many in depth discussions
Of life, our families, and more
I always look foward to your cheerful entrance
Through the chat room door

I know that I can count on you to listen
No matter what subject I throw your way
You are there for me no matter what my mood
I appreciate that more than I can say

Your love of laughter and sense of fun
Have also endeared you to me
As well as your devotion to your family
Which is so very plain to see

I can't get enough of your Emails
And cards that never fail to brighten my day
You always seem to find the perfect card
To get across what you're trying to say

We have fun adding words to our new "cyber" dictionary
That includes your "kiwi" files
Our imaginary company called J & L Enterprises
Will publish this source of many smiles

Trying to work at three different jobs
And going back to school is the ultimate test
But I admire your dedication to teach those kids
That need you more than the rest

I truly hope that in time all of your
Worthwhile aspirations become a reality
I believe that you will make your presence known
With your sense of integrity

I trust that this poem demonstrates
Just how much your friendship means to me
I have faith that we will be friends forever
And more because it is our destiny

Lisa Jo Ewert (aka Lady Loopy)

Written for my friend David
CopyrightŠ November 1998

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