Words of Wisdom
I pick up my pen and paper today
To tell you about a special lady
Who possesses a unique wisdom
Shared in written form for all to see

She writes both poetry and stories
Thoughts that pour from her heart
Tales of various life experiences
That become a work of art

I am amazed every single time
I read the messages intertwined
In her beautiful written words
Incentive to enhance my mind

It is almost as though she has
A direct link with God above
To inspire those that she touches
With her wisdom and her love

Lisa Jo Ewert
Written for Terri McPherson
Copyright© April 2005

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Wise Hearts

Terri...thank you for sharing your inspiring writing with us. I picked the song "Finding My Way" because I know that most days I am trying to find my way in this world and your words of wisdom help give me a boost in the right direction.

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