Heart to Paper

To pour your heart to paper
Is a talent for those so blessed;
And a very special friend of mine
Weaves her words among the best.

She touches our emotions
Through the wisdom of her word;
Offers insight to life's journey,
To a rhythm never heard.

With caring sensitivity
She can soothe our breaking hearts,
And comfort us with compassion
For whatever life imparts.

She can tickle us with humor,
Hidden within her rhymes;
Or hug us through her verses
And smile between the lines.

Her poetry is a precious gift,
A timeless treasure from her soul,
That is offered from her gentle hand
To all she comes to know.

Beauty surrounds the words she writes;
Love is shared from heart through pen;
And, although we may have never met,
I am proud to call her "friend".

©Soaring Spirit 2003
Written with love for my dear friend
~ Lisa Jo Ewert ~

"This graphic set was made exclusively for Lisa Ewert"

Copyright© Words From The Soul by Lisa Jo Ewert