*~*~*Another Day*~*~*

I wrote this poem for two young men who were in an automobile accident in September of 2002 due to a drunk driver. If you would like to visit their sites and leave a message for them, their links are listed below:



I was in the wrong place
There at the wrong time
Other driver was drunk
Was no reason or rhyme

But it was not my time
Or I would not be here
To carry out my plans
With those I hold dear

The doubts and pain
That I am going through
Will change who I am
And my point of view

I hope to be stronger
To learn and to grow
To welcome each day
And to let the hurt go

The journey of my life
Continues another day
I will make the most of it
In every possible way

Lisa Jo Ewert
Written for Josh and James
Copyright© October 2002

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