A Soldier's Heart

I am a soldier who has sworn
To serve and defend my country
To protect the lives of others
As well as their right to be free

I am proud of everything I do
And feel that my life is worth
The security of my loved ones
And the goal of peace on earth

I believe that all human kind
Should have a common liberty
The ability to live without fear
Under the evil hand of tyranny

I am trying to end the threat
Of terrorism in my home land
As well as that of my neighbors
Who may need a helping hand

I keep what I am feeling inside
The pain, anger, grief and fear
My own safety and that of others
Depends on a mind that's clear

I pray for courage and honor
To help me do what is right
For the strength and the will
To see me through this fight

I hope to have the support
Of the people I'm fighting for
Their prayers to send me off
And their welcome after war

Lisa Jo Ewert
For Lonnie J. Lewis and the rest Copyrightę April 2003

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