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Silent Scream

Internal peace is hard to find
A continuous battle in your mind

Like a broken record spinning round
Thoughts keep turning; no song is found

Memories seem to crush your soul
Past hurts resurface and take their toll

Events that cannot be wiped away
Ugly scars that are here to stay

Combined with present fears and pain
Enough to drive even the strong insane

Self doubts seem to grow like weeds
They prick your heart until it bleeds

Impossible to explain how you feel
Trapped inside and bound with steel

A cry for help goes unheard
Because you cannot voice a word

Don't give in to the sense of despair
Go in search of those who care

A reprieve from pain can be found
When family and friends are around

Love seems to soothe the ache away
Pushes it out to come another day

Knowing they care helps get you through
When the next time comes, you know what to do

Lisa Jo Ewert
Dedicated to those who are there for me
Copyright© January 1999

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